Senior Lofts

Re-Living Memories

Turning Memories Into Living Space

What was once a Junior and Senior High School from 1928-1985 is now be a beautiful home for seniors 55 and over. Some residents are living in their old classroom! This is an opportunity for individuals 55 and over to enjoy affordable housing downtown. The apartments are located on East Chestnut Street across the street from what will become the new Rice Island Park.


The Senior Lofts are for 55 and older period. The age requirement is a must.

The Senior Lofts are income based. You will need to call and discus the particulars with the manager, Ann Lowery at 812-705-5194.

Yes. The common room in the older part of the Senior Lofts is actually the old gym. The apartments hold many of the items from the original classrooms.

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