Historic District
If you live in the Historic District and you plan to do work to your home or business that will be visible from the street, you need to contact the Planning and Zoning Department before beginning the work.

Use the links below to check if your home is in the historic district.

Historic District of Corydon

What is a Historic District?


Locally Designated
A local government in Indiana can adopt a historic preservation zoning ordinance that enables it to designate and protect properties of historical and architectural significance. Authority for such local legislation comes from state statute, often called an “enabling act”. Indiana’s enabling act was made law in 1967, under Indiana Code IC-36-7-11. Some forty cities, towns, and counties in Indiana have designated local historic districts and individual landmarks.

Certificate of Appropriateness Application
To request a Certificate of Appropriateness you will need to go in front of the Historic Preservation Board. To start this process you will need to fill out a COA request form, found at the corresponding icon/link below:

Historic Preservation

Contact Information

8:00AM - 4:00PM

219 N. Capitol Ave.
Corydon, IN 47112

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