Rice Island

A Place for the Whole Family


Once home to picnics, baseball games and softball games, Rice Island is currently a vacant lot, the only remnants of yesteryear being an old dugout and concession building in disrepair.

As part of Stellar plans to revitalize Corydon, the Town purchased the Island and is in the process of making it back into a park. One side will have natural trails, the other side will have aggregate trails and a remodeled amphitheater for bands, plays, etc.

Some of the features of the park design include the rehabilitation of Bridge 65 currently on Circle Road in Harrison County, active and passive recreational areas, and a grand entryway to the new park from Chestnut Street and the Corydon School Senior Lofts. One part you can’t see in the picture on this page is the playground and public restrooms that will be across the bridge on the current Gerdon property.

Through the Stellar Designation we received $2,000,000 in Community Development Block Grant funding to match $588,000 Town funds and $900,000 from HCCF to build this new park in Corydon. Thank you to both the State and HCCF for helping us build this beautiful park!


Most of the money for the Rice Island project is coming from State Funding.

Rice Island was tagged to be restored due to its proximity to other projects already in process. The new park will be easy to access for seniors living at the Senior Lofts, as well as people walking on the upcoming Urban Trail. While the Town is looking to bring more market rate housing to the area as well as business, they also realize the necessity of creating a healthy, fun environment for people to live, shop and play.

Due to the CDBG and HCCF grants received for this project, the Town is only paying slightly over 20% of the cost to renovate this island park.

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