Rice Island

A Place for the Whole Family

Past, Present & Future:

For many, many years our community knew "The Island" as the home to picnics and baseball & softball games.  Rice Island has now been completely transformed into a public park.  The Town of Corydon used Indiana Stellar grant monies, Community Foundation monies, and our own funds to complete this project.

Walking access from E Chestnut ST and the Corydon Senior Loft Apartments is via a rehabilitated old steel truss bridge moved from Circle RD in Harrison County.  You can drive onto the island via a low water creek crossing off of Valley RD.  A parking lot with many spaces is located there. 

There is an outdoor shelter house with seating and a small indoor area that is available when the park is rented for use.  Bathrooms and a small playground are located on the north side of the steel truss bridge.  A walking trail is located around the perimeter of the island and many take their dogs there for daily walks.

The remaining undeveloped area near the bathrooms on the north side of the walking bridge is planned to be a public Skate Park.


After the YMCA was built, and the new ball fields were built near it, Rice Island was sitting empty and in disrepair.  Being located in the flood plain, it was the perfect location for a park.

Due to being in the actual flood way of the creek, DNR would not allow playgrounds to be built on the island.

Again, because the island is in the actual flood way of the creek, DNR would not allow construction of the bathrooms on the island.  Also, water and sewer was not on the island and was available on E Chestnut ST.

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