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Street Department

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three of our street crew painting yellow lines

Corydon Street Department

Taking Care of Corydon's Citizens and Their Streets

The Street Department


The street department is responsible for the following duties.

The Traffic Division

Within the Street Department is the Traffic Division. It is responsible for the average daily traffic in the roadway.
This includes the following along with other issues as they arise.

Superintendent Blum

Kenny Blum

Street Superintendent
Crew Member Best

Gary Best

Crew Member
Crew Member Culver

Zachary Culver

Crew Member
Crew Member Jacobi

Alan Jacobi

Crew Member
Crew Member Vaughn

Carl Vaughn

Crew Member
Crew Member Wessling

Robert Wessling

Crew Member Wessling

Street Department

Contact Information




8:00AM - 4:30PM


219 N. Capitol Ave.
Corydon, IN 47112

Corydon Street Department FAQ

  • What day can I expect trash pick-up?

    Trash pick- up day is determined by your street address. In the event a holiday falls on your designated pick up day, your trash will be picked up the following day.

    You will need to call the Main Office with your address to find out the exact day of your trash pick-up.

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