Quarterly Report February 2017_2-10

February 14th, 2017
Community Members:
Stellar commitment and funding are providing us the opportunity to continue the momentum that was occurring within Harrison County, such as the Talmage Windell Agriculture
Building, Habitat ReSale Store, the Discovery Center, Bicentennial Park, the Indian Creek Trail Connection, and Fred Cammack Farmers Market. This is our first quarterly update
for 2017, the first of four years as Indiana’s Stellar Designee.
Corydon has a Stellar Plan: Surveys, community meetings, town and county elected officials, Harrison County Community Foundation, Main Street Corydon, and the Stellar
Steering Committee that grew to over 60 volunteers established the 10-project plan for Stellar. Projects of this magnitude are impossible without this team.
The ten projects are establishing a strong foundation of excellence, community partnerships, teamwork, and have engaged people of all ages. Community members have also
suggested other areas to consider after the current projects are completed. An unexpected result of being designated Stellar is that people are dreaming outside the realm of
current plans, creating a community with vision and perspective.
The gateway to our community is the Keller site. Hundreds of people were employed by Keller Manufacturing, and our town gained national recognition due to the quality of
products made there. This site has always been valuable to us and will be in our future. There is no other site in Corydon with 14 vacant acres that could provide us with so much
potential for walking to our historic downtown, and the beautiful view of Indian Creek. There is not enough money to buy the natural resources that this site provides. What a
positive impact the park, event center, apartments, brownstones, and boutique hotel will have on our small businesses, residents and visitors!
Corydon’s citizens are involved in making us Stellar! We are inspired by the community engagement in our public input sessions at Town Hall earlier this month. More than
80 people attended the workshops and 400 submitted a survey. What is most exciting is that the youth of our community are fully engaged. Parents, grandparents, children,
teenagers and young adults attended each workshop, and many school children participated in our survey. I’ve even received letters and petitions from students who are excited
about the future park at Keller.
Corydon’s Stellar Success is measurable: As we continue to implement the Stellar plan, we will utilize performance indicators to measure our success. These indicators are:
• Increase Assessed Value
• $109, 711, 243: Real Estate Net Assessed Value 2016
• Increase Population: 3,144 (2016)
• Increase Resident Income:
• $19,825: 2016 per capita income; $32,031:2016 median household income
• Increase Educational Attainment:
• 91.6% of those 25 and older have a high school diploma or higher & 14.7% have a bachelor’s degree or higher (2016)
• Increase School Enrollment:
• CCHS – 716
• CCJHS – 336
• CIS – 436
• CES – 566

During the next quarter, our community will make significant progress on Bicentennial Park and four Stellar projects: Stonecipher building renovation, JJ Bulleit building
renovation, facade improvement program, and Indian Creek Trail connection.

Eva North
Town Council President
Town of Corydon