Meeting Schedule: 1st Monday of Each Month at 7:30PM

*The board only meets when there is an item on the agenda

 Commission Meeting Minutes

What are the duties Planning and Zoning Commission?

The Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC) is the advisory arm of local government on planning issues.  The primary duty of the plan commission is to develop and recommend to the legislative body a plan for the future of the community.  This plan should form the basis for the commission’s decisions and recommendations.  Under Indiana law, plan commissions are responsible for the following (IC 36-7-4-405):

  • Preparing a comprehensive plan
  • Preparing a zoning ordinance and subdivision control ordinance
  • Making recommendations to the legislative body on proposals to amend the text of zoning ordinances or subdivision control ordinances
  • Making recommendations to the legislative body on proposals to amend the zoning map (rezoning)
  • Approving or denying proposals to subdivide land, based upon compliance with the subdivision control ordinance
  • Approving development plans

It is important to remember that the zoning ordinances are distinct from the comprehensive plan.

The planning commission may hold public hearings as deemed necessary or when required by law.  When public hearings are held, the plan commission must arrive at a decision or recommendation.  All decisions or recommendations made by the Planning and Zoning Commission must be presented to the Corydon Town Council for final approval.

While discouraged, planning commission members are not required to refrain from engaging in outside discussions (“ex parte communications”) with applicants, proponents or opponents of a matter pending before the commission.  Plan commission members may not participate in a “zoning matter” in which they have “a direct or indirect financial interest”.  The comprehensive plan, by statute, is not considered a zoning matter.