Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting – December 4, 2017

Agenda For Planning & Zoning Commission

December 4, 2017


  1. Approval of the Minutes from the October 2, 2017 Commission meeting.
  2. Leslie Williams Realtor located at 410 East Chestnut Street in a B-1 zone.
  3. Thrift Shop – Proprietor Waymond Wilson requesting approval of business signage at 601 North Capitol Avenue in a B-1 zone.
  4. Case No. 2017-4 Larry & Carolyn Schmidt – requesting a change of zone from R-1 to R-2 for Lot #1, Block B, Lord’s Subdivision located off Williar Avenue.
  5. Public Hearing – Sign Ordinance 2017-6
  6. Old Business
  7. Adjourn

Carolyn F. Hofelich

Executive Secretary




will meet

November 16, 2017

8:00 p.m.


Corydon Town Hall

113 North Oak Street

Corydon, Indiana  47112



  • Election of Officers: (i) President; (ii) Vice-President; and (iii) Secretary
  • Consideration of By-Laws for Redevelopment Commission;
  • Consideration of Resolution No. 2017-01 – Declaratory Resolution establishing Town of Corydon Downtown Redevelopment Area #1
  • Consideration of Resolution No. 2017-02 – Resolution authorizing the issuance of redevelopment district bonds
  • Introduction of Resolution No. 2017-03 – Resolution appropriating proceeds of redevelopment district bonds

Notice of Executive Session – Monday, November 6, 2017

Notice of Executive Session


Town of Corydon ~ State of Indiana

Town Board Meeting

Monday, November 6, 2017


Town Hall, 113 N. Oak St, Corydon, IN 47112


The governing body named above will conduct an executive session pursuant to Indiana’s Open Meeting law, IC 5-14-1.5-6.1(b) for the following reason(s):


 For discussion of strategy with respect to;



T.M. King



Arts Midwest World Fest Featuring Manhu – Saturday, September 30th 7:30-9p.

Arts Midwest World Fest Featuring Manhu – Saturday, September 30th 7:30-9p.

Manhu, a musical ensemble from China, will visit Corydon as part of Arts
Midwest World Fest. Hailing from the Stone Forest of Yunnan Province in southwestern China,
Manhu brings to life the traditions of the Yi people, an ethnic minority group with a rich musical
history. Playing the hulusheng, a mouth organ made from dried gourds, and even an ordinary leaf
used as a reed, Manhu shares instruments and songs that are well-known in their homeland but rarely
seen on an international stage. The ensemble has performed throughout China, but this is their first
tour to the United States. Experience this exciting American debut and connect to an age-old culture
made modern: Manhu will perform a public concert at Corydon Central High School on Saturday,
September 30 at 7:30 pm.

Manhu Ticket Information
Manhu will arrive in Corydon on September 24 and will visit Lanesville schools on Monday, South
Central on Tuesday, North Harrison on Wednesday and Corydon on Friday. The week-long
residency will conclude on Saturday evening, September 30 with a public concert at Corydon
Central High School Auditorium at 7:30 pm. Adult tickets are $10 and student tickets are free.
Tickets are available at

Response to the Corydon Democrat Article

For those of you who read the Corydon Democrat article on January 11, 2017, “Keller Project Scrutinized by Council”, I, Eva North, as an elected representative for the Town of Corydon, would like to respond with a perspective that focuses on what we are trying to achieve. This article is a representation of what the Town of Corydon consistently faces as we attempt to bring our community back to life. Our Stellar Plan is to allow residents to enhance their quality of life with progress by attaining the highest and best use of our community’s resources.
Yes, we do recognize that the plan has changed; however, the concept has not changed from the original, state-approved Stellar presentation. In an endeavor to respect Mr. Lucas’ wishes our entire conceptual plan was designed with an $8-$15 million private investment with facilities to provide jobs, reclamation of land, and a higher quality of living standards for Corydon residents with our ultimate goal… OF NOT INCREASING TAXES. We wish to be in harmony with Mr. Lucas’ business while striving to enhance our community.
This article provided misinformation about 1) our attorney; 2) about Mr. Lucas returning a letter to the town; and, 3) a suggestion that Mr. Lucas has been treated poorly. I have always respected him and his contributions to our community, and believe he could support our Stellar plans if I had an opportunity to speak directly with him.
The Stellar Designation is providing many opportunities for this community, such as improving housing, providing senior living facilities, creating jobs, restoring buildings in disrepair, providing safety in our neighborhoods and creating a community that will continue to thrive. Our plans are not in conflict with what Mr. Lucas provides. We want to work as one team in providing the best possible environment for you, the citizens, our visitors, and potential residents that we would like to attract.
The plans for all the Stellar projects are presented to the public through many avenues. We invite all citizens to attend our meetings to receive information, voice concerns or even be part of our planning process. If you are unable to make the meetings, you can always stop by my office at the Town Hall. You can also find information from our Facebook page or our new website
This is an area, the Keller Site, that once supported our community, and it will do so again when given the chance.