Meeting Schedule: 1st Monday of Each Month at 7PM

*The board only meets when there is an item on the agenda

What are the duties of the Board of Zoning Appeals?

The Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) is given the responsibility to hear and act on all appeals and/or requests for variances or special exceptions from applicable zoning ordinances.  In granting a variance or special exception, the Board may set any conditions, requirements or limitations that it deems necessary and which are appropriate to implement the principles and purposes of the zoning ordinance.

The terms appeal and variance are often used interchangeably, but in fact are two entirely different concepts.

  • An appeal is based on the fact that a decision has been made related to the zoning ordinance and someone is seeking a judicial review of that decision.
  • A variance is an application to waive or modify certain requirements of the zoning ordinance. If granted, a variance allows a departure from a particular requirement of the zoning ordinance. It is not a re-zoning of the property.

A special exception is a request for a use of a property that may be allowed under specified conditions.

Indiana Code 36-7-4-920 prohibits anyone from contacting Members of the Board of Zoning Appeals prior to the public hearing.  Contacting the Corydon Planning and Zoning Commission office is permitted.  Decisions made by the Board of Zoning Appeals are final and do not require additional approval from the Corydon Town Council.  However, decisions by the Board of Zoning Appeals are subject to judicial review in accordance with IC 36-7-4-1600 series.